Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to Pregnancy after Preemie, a blog I created to document and share my pregnancy journey after the birth of my daughter at 24 weeks gestation.

I no longer actively post on this blog, however invite you to read through past posts to learn more about my decision to have a pre-pregnancy Transabdominal Cerclage (TAC) placed along with the anxieties that riddled my second pregnancy (after giving birth to a micropreemie). I have documented my entire pregnancy and want the world to know that there is hope to carry near term after the birth of a very premature baby.

As an update to my story, my son Henry is now almost 14 months old. The experience of having a near-term preemie is vastly different from having a micropreemie. I was able to breastfeed Henry exclusively for the first six months of his life. I was able to continue breastfeeding until just recently, and enjoyed every moment of it!

Henry has met all of his milestones thus far without any interventions. He was walking by his first birthday and has opened my eyes to just how delayed my once 1lb 6 oz 24-weeker was.

I have recently launched a new website: Please stop by to visit!